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At Wellington Collegiate Academy, we provide our students with an education rooted in academic excellence and complemented by an outstanding music and arts program. We strive to provide an extraordinary experience for our students and guide them to a bright and successful future.

Our warm, dedicated faculty and staff help meet the needs of all students, empowering them to achieve their unique goals. They are qualified and certified professionals who have the experience and knowledge to create lessons and activities that challenge their students and provide a pathway to success.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Wellington Collegiate Academy! As you take a look inside our school via this website, we hope you are inspired to learn more about what we offer. We are excited to share more with you about our amazing students and the opportunities they have for collaborative work and problem solving. You will enjoy getting to know, our outstanding faculty and seeing their delivery of innovative curriculum and special enrichment programs. Most of all, we hope you notice our love for the students and the way it changes their lives. 

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